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About American Horrors

“American Horrors was originally launched as a tv series in 2008 (created by husband/wife team Hart D. Fisher & the late great Wakako Kawagoshi-Fisher featuring a young Billie Eilish in the opening credits), a dvd line of original feature film releases in 2009 (The Garbage Man, Nobody Loves Alice) and on October 2nd, 2011 American Horrors launched worldwide as a 24/7 linear streaming horror culture OTT channel on billionaire Alki David’s Filmon platform, American Horrors is the fastest growing linear streaming horror culture channel in the world.

All Night. All Day. Everyday with American Horrors Newest 24/7 linear streaming horror Roku Channel! Now YOU can tune into the Bloodiest, Scariest Horror Movie Marathon from the VHS AGE of Horror that is totally free to watch worldwide featuring uncut critically acclaimed bleeding edge short horror films, bloody cult feature films, exclusive in-house generated tv series, banned tv commercials from yesteryear, uncensored music videos from Danzig, Doomed & Disgusting, Obituary, Slayer, Awake for Days, Snovonne, The Designs, Witch Taint & MORE all hosted by legendary horror creator & 1st amendment champion, Hart D. Fisher!

American Horrors has original programming exclusives like paranormal investigations show, Mission Terror, the original American Horrors television series, Gorecast hosted by Ireland’s favorite off color lads Johnny Danger Deadly & his partner The Giz, horror variety show Groovey TV hosted by the late great Groovey Newville, Mystery Science Theater style series Riffhead, the original True Crimes tv show, our very own party vampire, Count Crazy Craig & his wild drunk maniac d-d-director-or-or.

Watch for free worldwide on Roku, or online at and and coming soon, the brand new!”