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AVAILABLE NOW! Read the untold Jeffrey Dahmer story that Netflix DOESN’T want you to read, An American Horror Story, as lived by the author of the infamous “Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer” comic books, Hart D. Fisher. This is a true crime tale unlike any you have ever read before detailing the behind the scenes of the talk show mills like The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, what it’s really like to be a crime victim hounded by the mass media, rape, murder, all true crime as lived by “The Most Dangerous Man in Comics” (as dubbed by Hero Illustrated Magazine).

All Copies From the American Horrors Online Store are signed by author Hart D. Fisher

Here is a riveting introduction to Mr. Fisher’s story by Daun Richert-Slagle – Sole Survivor of Serial Killer Keith Hunter Jesperson; aka: the Happy Face Killer (1990), and the mother of a murdered Child. (1991):

“In 2009, as I was coming forward to tell my story for the first time, I was also asked to become a monthly contributor for the true crime website, “In Cold Blog.” It was there that I first discovered the writings of Hart D. Fisher. Never before had I seen such raw and rare documentation of the pain that I myself was forced to endure as I stumbled through some of the darkest days of my life. For years, I became stuck in a dysfunctional grieving process, blundering in between a state of anger and denial; nearly drowning in my depression and emptiness. Off and on, I searched for solace in the bottom of a bottle, until the pain had become nothing less than a ravenous thief, stealing the fire from within me. I was an empty shell… merely existing. It hurt to breathe. Everything hurt. I knew immediately through his expression of pain, which I believe to be an absolute artistry of words, that Hart D. Fisher had once traveled through the same vortex as I had so many years ago. Not everyone can understand this tormented state of purgatory. But those who have been there… know the deepest form of suffering. It is a place that my mind could have never fathomed prior to experiencing such immense pain and loss.

I believe the amount of tragedy and/or trauma that we experience in our lives, coupled by the way we have chosen to interact with it, may enable some of us to tread into the darkness and capture the very essence of all that is evil. But of those people, only a select few will ever make it back, bearing upon them the imprint of that experience, while remaining both engaged and intact. Hart is as real as it gets. He has a rare talent that allows him the ability to open the very gates of Hell and walk you through them like no one I’ve ever known. His writings reach down into the depths of my soul and speak volumes of a place I had never found the words to describe. The intense visceral emotion that you will experience as you take this journey with him, will ultimately challenge everything you thought you knew about pain, grief, and the limitation of self will.”

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