Danzig, Misfits, Samhain limited signed edition set of Spirit Boards



Hey my fellow fiends, this is Hart D. Fisher here and in the name of the Halloween season (and after all of the flooding in my house that my insurance wouldn’t cover) American Horrors is offering up my own, limited edition Danzig, Misfits & Samhain spirit boards for sale.

I got these boards signed and handed to me personally by Glenn Danzig when I was editing on a music special project with director Mark Brooks & Glenn about 10 years ago or so. There’s only 222 of each board, all signed by Glenn, my set of 3 boards is Number 45 out of 222. These have been in the American Horrors offices for a decade and I feel it’s time for a new fan to have these gorgeous wooden spirit boards on their office shelf, plus, I will note, I have never utilized these boards for magical purposes. One could consider them “virgin” boards.

I’m selling them as a set of 3 (it’s a mistake to break them up), they’re $666 each for a total of $1998 for the set. Within the United States, shipping is free.


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