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Wow… Thanks to the recent flood, we found the original Value Pack of the first 3 issues of Dark Angel released in 1991, the original series for Boneyard Press, written and drawn by horror legend, Hart D. Fisher, Dark Angel #1 has a painted cover by Hart, Dark Angel #2 has a water color cover by Batman legend Kelley Jones, Dark Angel #3 has a cover by Cannibal Corpse fan favorite Vincent Locke with Dark Angel #3 being the rarest & hardest to find of all of the Dark Angel books.

Dark Angel is the story of serial killer Johnathan Gabriel, a stalker that was one of Boneyard Press’s most popular & enduring characters with the added bonus of the first 2 issues of Dark Angel both have the Buried Dreams Bill The Bull first published story! If you like your horror visceral, unrelenting and totally off the chain, this is your book by the man who wrote the Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer books and the “A Taste of Cherry” short story in the black listed Verotika #4 from Glenn Danzig’s company, Verotik!

DA3 cvr vince locke


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