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On August 19th, 2023, producer, co-writer & actor in the film, Joseph M. Monks co-creator of Cry for Dawn, passed away in his sleep….

Originally created as a pilot for Japanese Television, Hart D. Fisher brings his unique vision to this Tales From the Crypt style horror show featuring legendary Hungarian Adult Filmstar and absolute bombshell, Wanda Curtis, in a harrowing tale of one man’s encounter with the Darkest Dominitrix to hold a whip, leading to a very bloody end with a plethora of behind the scenes clips (Joe is blind due to issues with his diabetes, so there’s no way to fake a slap, so seeing a blind actor slapped in the face for real is a stunt to behold and “Good Job Joe”), a music video, a making of the video featurette and a mini-comic unavailable anywhere else!

Each DVD comes packaged with an original collectible Flowers on the Razorwire comic book you cannot find anywhere else. The tv pilot was released in Japan with a hardcover “making of the movie” photobook and these copies are vintage collectibles, direct from the director. All signed by creator Hart D. Fisher!

Rest in Peace Joe…


We have the last signed copies of Road Kills with all three creators there ever will be, so we’ve created a special “In Memory” Christmas sale for his fans and folks who want to check out our work. Road Kills was created for a 9 day lecture tour through Mexico circa 2003, including a major stop at the Utopia Convention in Mexico City (published in both English and Spanish).

This is a very rare vintage short story collection from Christa Faust, Joe Monks and Hart D. Fisher with a cover by the late great Bernie Wrightson. Especially good for Outlaw Comics fans, because Hart Fisher’s story “Choices” is absolutely harrowing.

These are SIGNED COPIES by all three authors. Also of note, the Flowers on the Razorwire DVD with a mini-Flowers comic inside, shot as a pilot for Japanese TV, these are the original factory direct DVD’s, also starring the late Joseph M. Monks and written by him and Hart Fisher with rope bondage by Christa Faust. This too is on sale for the holidays, a unique package for all fans of extreme indie horror. Also on sale now via our website.


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