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Now for the first time ever, Hart D. Fisher through his infamous outlaw publishing house, Boneyard Press, is reprinting ALL 4 of the Jeffrey Dahmer comics (including The Further Adventures of Young Jeffy Dahmer, Dahmer’s Zombie Squad and the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer vs. Jesus Christ) in one BIG BOOK OF DAHMER collected edition with all of the original artwork remastered & punched up by Mr. Fisher himself!

“As the first real, tactile example of true crime media in a format that, historically, was considered “for children,” Fisher’s Dahmer comic polarized audiences. Although a measured, non-lurid retelling of the Dahmer story, it proved to be a lightning rod of controversy for simply existing. What goes unnoticed, though, is Fisher’s, and the comic’s, place in the history of true crime media and how it served to herald the beginning of a cultural phenomenon.”
-David Hayes/Trained forensic psychologist specializing in crime and media synthesis specifically serial and mass murder

Get your piece of the most controversial comics in comic book history today!

Originally published in March, 1992 by freshly graduated University of Illinois student Hart D. Fisher, Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer rapidly became a part of true crime history so resounding Netflix found it important to include these books in their hit series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. In the first week of release back in September, Dahmer was watched by 196.2 million subscribers, placing it fifth in Netflix’s most-viewed releases over an initial seven-day period. Only heavy hitters like Squid Game, Stranger Things season four, Bridgerton season two and All of Us Are Dead fared better.

Since the premier of this series at the end of September, Mr. Fisher has been bombarded with requests for his Jeffrey Dahmer comic books originally published under his Boneyard Press imprint. Due to controversial nature of the work & the impact the negative portrayal of these books has had on his life & his family’s life, Mr. Fisher has wrestled with reprinting these seminal works for a very long time ( especially after ten years of battling in the courts to keep the murderer of Mr. Fisher’s live in girlfriend & first love, Michelle Davis, in prison, who was raped & murdered in a horrific hotel robbery turned sex crime. After 3 different murder trials, Mr. Fisher was a burned out wreck of a man), deciding to instead write about his experiences during the trial and as a talk show bad man in his book, An American Horror Story.

This is THE worldwide outlaw comics & true crime masterpiece that spawned a protest march covered worldwide on CNN Headline news, discussed on Larry King Live, railed against on The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, The Jerry Springer Show, the documentary Murder by Numbers, in the pages of Time Magazine, was the subject of outrageous censorship when Capital City Distribution burned 1,800 copies of the original Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer, so folks, you want to get your Trade Paperback while you can!

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Big Book of Dahmer back cover!
Dahmer Zombie Squad Sample artYoung Jeffy Dahmer Sample art
Jeffrey Dahmer vs. Jesus Christ art sampler
Jeffrey Dahmer Bio art sampler
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