Boneyard Mystery Box



Each box is a mystery… It could contain readers copies of Gerard Way’s On Raven’s Wings #2, or issues of the legendary erotic horror anthology Flowers on the Razorwire series, maybe a DVD, or perhaps signed collectible posters & postcards, fliers, Bill the Bull buttons, who knows what items may be unearthed in the Boneyard Mystery Box! You might find a signed copy of Still Dead in your box… Or an Outlaw Nation poster… Best Part, you’re going to get a STACK of Boneyard Press vintage, never been sold before, outlaw comics signed by Hart D. Fisher himself!!!! Even better, Hart has been doing brand new original pencil sketches of the upcoming NEW Dark Angel stories, Paingrin, Bill the Bull and MORE! Right from one of Hart’s sketch books he’s been drawing in since 1989!

Get yourself some dark outlaw comics you’ve only HEARD about for a ebay free low low low price of $25 bucks a box! This Christmas give the gift that would send shivers down your parents spines at the mere thought you were reading them… The Boneyard Mystery Box is here to feed your need for 90s comics darkness! Between 10 to 14 items from the history of Boneyard Press signed by madman Hart D. Fisher, every box hand packed by The Most Dangerous Man In Comics himself!


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